EMCO Remote Deployment Kit 3.5.1

No Image install of any application and make a deployment package out of the difference. It can either be an application or some system changes. The package can be deployed silently to remote computers without the need to install any service on the remote computer for the deployment, except the services that are part of the installed application, because the Remote Deployment Kit supports service install without the need of reboot after install. It also supports

MSN Winks Installer 1.2.2: Preview, and install high qualitative additional Winks for MSN Messenger
MSN Winks Installer 1.2.2

MSN Winks Installer is a program that allows you to preview, and install additional Winks for MSN Messenger. It has hundreds of MSN Messenger winks. you can select a favourite wink to install into your MSN Messenger account. We will add more winks in the future.You can check the new Winks and install it when we add them. Try this fresh pack of winks for MSN Messenger today and liven up your instant messaging conversations.

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EMCO Remote Installer Starter 3.10.5

installed on it? With the EMCO Remote Installer you can make it remotely, not leaving your workplace. This tool allows you to audit every remote PC and get the list of installed applications. Information collected from all PCs is aggregated in summary report, which shows the total number of used applications in organization, including different versions. KEY FEATURES - Detection of applications, installed on remote PCs; - Changes tracking in the

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Just Install 2.1: Speeds up Palm software and eBook installation
Just Install 2.1

Just-Install speeds up the applications/eBooks installation for Palm OS devices As you know, when we install applications/eBooks into our Palm devices via HotSync, the other Palm applications are also synchronized, as well as the system backup. Now, You can use Just Install application to update the HotSync settings with only a few clicks, then you don`t have to sync other applications or backup the Palm databases in the next HotSync.

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FontMap 2.41: View and print both installed and external fonts;  preview and install fonts.
FontMap 2.41

FontMap may be used to view and print both installed and external fonts; it can display a variety of tables, individual characters, a keyboard view, font description, or whatever text you wish to enter. Uninstalled fonts can be viewed and printed without needing to install them; or, you can browse uninstalled fonts and selectively install ones you like.

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LOGICIEL INSTALLATEUR The software INSTALLATEUR can install softwares on remote machine.

INSTALLATEUR can be launched on any network computer provided that the PC is on Windows XP or Windows 2000. In fact, even if you have no access to the domain server, you can install your security patches or others without through the server. Obviously, you must have the administrator password. The goal of the software INSTALLATEUR is to puzzle out problems like: - an usual user haven`t the administrator rights, therefore he can`t install a software

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Speed Install Automatic software installer
Speed Install

Speed Install is an automatic software installation tool with a simple and intuitive interface. After you start Speed Install on your computer, it determines the current version, language and bitness of the operating system, which allows Speed Install to download and install the necessary versions of software.

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